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Problems in file transfer through scp

Posted by ajay on June 1, 2006

Well many of u guys use scp for transferring ur files over network.The problem with this is some times when you try to scp over some systems nothing transfers and some crap thing is outputed .The reason of this is that scp is done in 2 parts .Suppose you want to transfer a file named X from machine B to a machine A and you are sitting on machine B. In first part the programmes  log on to the remote machine ( A in this case )  and in second part the files are transfered from machine B to machine A. But when you log on to any system ( A in this case )  the .bashrc or .bash_profile placed in the home directory of that user gets executed and if there are any printing statements in the like echo or nfrm or somethings like that then the second step does not gets exetuted and this command will only dump whatever echo statements are written in the .bashrc of the remote user on machine A. So if you are having the same types of problem with using scp you might try removing all the print statements from the .bashrc of the remote user on machine A. This might work in some cases.


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