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Totem – the complete media player

Posted by ajay on June 1, 2006

Many of the Linux distro’s ship in totem as a movie player with them. Its there in Applications=>Sound and Media=>Movie Player. But due to some copyright problems they dont provide support for most of the file formats, not even mp3. They do provide support for flac and ogg vorbis formats but no body listens to them as they are not common. So it happens that this dumb player seems to play nothing on the system. I recently figured out that we can configure it to play any file format except rm and rmvb (I dont know the plugins to play rm and rmvb but they also can be played) . You just have to provide totem back-end in terms of codecs for different formats. You have two options to do the same – First and the easy one is Xine-lib, and the second one is gstreamer. Xine-lib seems to have some problem so that the player crashes some times and besides gstreamer has other benifits so I go for the second option.

You need the rpms regarding gstreamer. Here are the links for Fedora Core 5 on i386 architecture  (the one which I have) –

or if you are using any other linux or any other architecture you can go to freshrpms or might try googling or another option (will work only if you have yum configured properly)

[user@localhost.localadmin]yum -y install gstreamer* [enter] ..

And it will do the rest for you.

If you downloaded the rpms with previous method, you will have to install them using

[user@localhost.localadmin]rpm -ivh gstreamer* [enter]

Thats it. Now your totem player is ready to play anything.


5 Responses to “Totem – the complete media player”

  1. marutiborker said

    wateva u say …MPLAYER simply rox ….

  2. ajay said

    Well my target was not to tell that totem rox or mplayer .. but I just wanted to tell that totem is not at all a bad player .. and you can cconfigure it as well to play most file formats .. and besides this sometimes you need to maintain playlists and things .. and if you need a gui in that case totem might be a gud option .. ( mplayer do have a gui but most people dont use that .. ) 🙂 .. and beacause totem is the default player u need to install nothing else to get your sound applications working .. waise i respect your opinion 😉 ..

  3. abhilash said

    hey putting these kinda things helps others alot.
    One of the most important hacking attitude is helping others.
    You rock.
    Continue the same.

    Soon hackers will call u hacker may for some other marvellous post..

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