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Setting up new keywords for programmes in vim

Posted by ajay on September 8, 2006

Recently I was working on my operating systems assignment and I noticed that all the primitive system types like pid_t , mode_t , dev_t , nlink_t  etc do not come colored in vim editor like basic data types such as int float etc.  I thought it would be nice to have those words colored as we have int and stuff .

all the keywords are related to syntax, so for creating new keywords. First of all we have to create a class of words. For that we use the syntax command. For example suppose for a C program you want to highlight some words I mentioned above as datatypes, then you should  go to the vim configuration file specific to C programs ( Previously I told how to have specific configuration files for specific file types in vim here ) and add the following code –

syntax keywod cSysvar pid_t mode_t something_t x_t

highlight link cSysvar Type

now here cSysvar is the name of the class which you want to create. You can have as many of these classes as you want but the class name should begin with the file type you want to edit (the same class in a cpp file will be named cppSysvar) and the next character should be capital to distinguish the extention from the class name.  All the words written after cSysvar in the first line are the elements in the class cSysvar.  The second line tell vim to recognize all the elements of class cSysvar as they are the members of class ”Type’ (Type is used to recognize datatypes).

some other alternatives of type are as follows  –

Type -> datatype

Comment -> comment

Error -> syntax with errors.

Number -> the color used for displaying numbers.

Character -> used to represent single characters.

Some other class names include Identifier, Underlined, Ignored, Delimiter, Statement, Preproc (preprocessor directives) and more. You can change the last word in second line of the snippet to have variation in the color used to display those particular words.

I hope this will make Vim more beautiful.

Happy Viming ..

Bytheway .. I recently got through in the Qualification round of Google Code Jam 2006 and the next stage will held on 14th of september :).  looking forward for that as well as Topcoder Collegiate Challange.


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