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My Digital Signatures :)

Posted by ajay on May 8, 2008

One evening I didn’t have much work to do and I had a look at this page. After seeing the Quote there, I thought why not create one such signature for myself :). And here it is ->

i;double r[]={175297239055116917538816e2,591298870944180608}

Just a little note: You need to compile it using gcc ( g++ wont work ) in Linux.

PS 1: Many thanks to Maruti Borker for helping me in creating the signature.

PS 2: I’ve become foosball addict. For more details check out Maruti Borker’s recent post.


13 Responses to “My Digital Signatures :)”

  1. arjit said

    hey can u jus explain how is it workin ?

  2. ajay said

    The trick here is to find a double * such that when you forcefully convert it to char * ( remember printf takes a char * ) then it prints the string “Ajay Somani”.

  3. Mintu said

    What if I want to print my name??

  4. ShArK said

    When i read the title i was very impressed! Wow a digital signature…must have been a mighty coding effort! You shameless little google-wallahs…..you have too much free time…. 😛

  5. Deependu said

    Good one ……

  6. cool said

    can u pls help me knowing about these digital signature??

  7. pankaj4u4m said

    double r[]={175297239055116917538816e2,37843127740427559e3}

    is the simple form of the signature given it also prints your name!!!

  8. […] By pankaj4u4m Once I just search in internet on programming competitions then I found this. Then from there I saw this. I also thought I should also make one digital signature for myself . […]

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  11. ronakshah said

    Interesting Blog. Keep it going bro !!

  12. Susie said

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