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Success Stories this year: ug2k5 @ IIIT Hyderabad

Posted by ajay on May 3, 2008

Background: The last comment on my last post ( which was about 1 year ago ) encouraged me to write a post. And then after reading Aditya Agarwal’s blog and noticing that he too wrote a post after about 1 year, I thought that finally I should write one today :).

I guess the title explains what this post is about. Our batch has been doing great this year and almost all of my good friends have been able to get decent internships or other great opportunities to work this summer. I’m really happy about it and here I’m going to list the major good achievements by my batchmates this year ( 2008 ) :-

1. Felicity 08 was a great success. It involved a lot of hard work from my batch-mates. Since a lot of people have written about it already, so I guess I don’t need to put that all again.

2. Internships:

a) Amazon: Ankit Saraswat, Anupama Gali, Rahul Tenany, Shashank Agrawal, Sunil Soni.

b) GE Research: MNV Kartheek, Sashidhar G, Saurabh Sharma.

c) Google: Ajay Somani, Ankush Kalkote, Maruti Borker, Ramya Yaragani.

d) Gridstone Research: Subhashish Chand.

e) IBM: Navatha T, Sahiti P.

f) Microsoft: Aditya Agrawal, Gaurav Kharkwal, Harsh Vardhan Bansal, Himank Sharma, Manish Arora, Ojasvi Rajpal, Randeep Singh Banga, Shikha Agarwal, Vivek Prakash.

g) Microsoft Lab Banglore : Abhijeet Pagare, Abhinav Parasher, Gaurank Khatri, Karan Maroo.

h) Nvidia: Richeek Arya.

i) Philips: Akash Agrawal, Phani Deepti.

j) Sarnoff: Piyush Nigam, Raveendra Meka, Ravindra Reddy.

k) SkWorks: AK Kartheek, Nitin Jain.

Lydia has got an internship at University of Sydney ( Australlia ). special congratulations to her. [ I have only listed the people who are joining, there are other offers too ].

3. Google Summer of Code: This I consider as the biggest achievement of my batch-mates. This year, 3 of them have got selected for Google Summer of Code. The lucky ones ( or rather, the deserving ones ) are Kulbir Saini, Vamshi Velegapuri, Kiran Kumar M. Kulbir Saini’s mentor is the original developer of Yum. Quite exciting opportunity to work with such a person. Hopefully these people will make some good contribution towards open source.

4. Research Papers: Vibhav Vinet of my batch has recently got a research paper accepted in CVPR. CVPR is one of the top 3 conferences in the area of computer vision. He worked on a parallel algorithm for graph cuts which can be implemented on specialized hardware ( contact him for more details 🙂 ). There are some other people who are sending research papers in various conferences but I wont list them now.

5. Microsoft Open Source Scholar: From this year onwards, Microsoft is also funding open source projects by students in Indian universities provided that they are built around microsoft technologies. Following people from my batch have got this scholarship – Ankush Kalkote, Randeep Singh Banga, Aditya Agarwal, Manish Arora, Vamshi Velegapuri, Kiran Kumar M., Satyanarayana Koneru, Sridhar Duggi.

6. 3 of my batch-mates ( Kulbir Saini, Vamshi Velegapuri, M. Bhargav Chowdary ) have recently got the IIIT website redesign project. They will be working on main IIIT website and also the websites of all the research centers. Good thing about this is that they competed with 5 other companies to get this project and won :).


This year, I have teamed up with Anshuman Singh (ug2), Gaurav Agarwal (ug2) and we have got decent ranks on a lot of contests conducted by various universities in India. This includes winning the annual programming contests ( some online and some onsite ) conducted by IIT Kharagpur, IIT Delhi, NIT Surathkal, Delhi College of Engineering, NIT Durgapur and Madras Institute of Technology. Anshuman Singh is also one of the top 5 candidates of India Student Mathematika competition conducted by Wolfram research. Kudos to him..


I hope these success stories list continues to grow like this in the next academic year too :). I will end the post now..

PS 1: I’m getting a lot fatter because of the good food at Google :D.

PS 2: If by mistake, I forgot to include anyone’s special achievements or anyone would like me to list them here. Please drop me an email, I will gladly update the post.

PS 3: I don’t know if someone else already posted something like this, I don’t read blogs often.

PS 4: Nightouts at Google office :), god I’m crazy..


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